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application for [community profile] asgardeventide

OOC Information;
Name; Iddy
Personal Journal; [personal profile] corknut
Contact; [plurk.com profile] ihdreniel, ZieglerFan719@gmail.com
Other Characters; n/a
Activity proof; n/a

IC Information;
Character Name; Vriska Serket
Canon; Homestuck
Canon Point; Right after mercy-killing her lusus (page 004173)
Age; 6 solar sweeps/approximately 13 years old
House; Hel
Power; Body control

Vriska is screwed up. So, so screwed up. In fact, in a group of teenagers from a crapsack world that seems to thrive on fundamentally screwing kids up for life, she's one of the worst. Her Freudian excuse is pretty obvious: she was raised from a very young age to lead her fellow troll children to their deaths, so as to feed her custodian and avoid dying in some way herself. Even before that, she was reading a journal filled with murder and rape, and she believed that this was something she needed to emulate in order to be strong. She routinely hurts and kills those that she calls friends. And the society that she comes from tells her that this is all perfectly okay.

She comes up with an excuse for anything and everything, mostly in order to take blame off of herself. She relentlessly bullies Tavros (a sweet, shy boy who-- usually-- wouldn't hurt a fly), then later says that she was just trying to make him "strong" so that he wouldn't be executed for being useless. She users her powers to hurdle him off a cliff, then brushes it off as punishment for continued weakness. Killing one troll and blinding another? She was locked in a revenge cycle that they started, and not retaliating would have counted as losing. Helping to create the series' main antagonist? Fate said he was going to be created anyway, and she wanted to have a hand in it so that it would be all the more impressive when she defeated him. Knowingly sending a clueless human boy to his death? It was for his own good because she knew he would come back to life stronger than ever, and telling him he would die ahead of time would have just caused him needless fear. And so on, and so forth. There's nothing that she doesn't have a justification ready for, and none of them don't involve attempts to get her off the hook for any number of terrible misdeeds. The thing is, a lot of the time, she's not just bullshitting-- she truly believes these justifications, and doesn't understand why barely anyone wants anything to do with her. She generally figures that other people just don't get it, or that it has to do with all the "bad luck" she's had since she lost her eye and arm (bad luck is yet another thing that she blames a lot of her problems on). She tends to go back and forth between appearing to have high self-esteem and low self-esteem-- she has a strong tendency towards bravado that she definitely seems to believe to an extent, but she insults and beats herself up on occasion, too.

Basically, what Vriska wants most in the world is to be a gigantic Mary Sue. She wants it all: all the power, all the gaming levels, all the skill, all the relationships. She thinks she's much more cool, suave, and manipulative than she actually is, and she envies people who can use and trick others without the liberal use of mind control. She openly tries to shape her entire life around the experiences of her ancestor, who was a true Alternian troll in every sense of the word (that is, she was a rampant murderer with no regrets or misgivings). Really, though, she's just kidding herself-- she may be capable of horrible things, but we do see in canon that she can and does feel regret, such as when she feels terrible for killing Tavros later on in the series. This is something that actually causes her quite a bit of insecurity at times; she won't admit it easily, but she worries that she isn't a good enough troll largely because she doesn't cause enough destruction and mayhem. This is part of the reason that she goes so overboard (later, she acknowledges that she was "trying too hard"). It clashes quite a bit with her desire to be a strong perfect badass troll, and probably what causes her more internal conflict than anything else. Still, while Vriska might not be as hard and uncaring as she sometimes wants to be, she's definitely not an overall nice person, even deep down. She's capable of genuine attempts at niceness (she tried to make amends with Aradia by collaborating with Equius to give her a robot body, for example, and she makes Tavros a rocket car to ride around in), but they're often awkward and fumbling. All in all, she's generally more likely to show someone she cares by abusing or teasing them. It's what she's better at.

Network Sample;
Oh, I get it. Hel.


That is so clever! And pretty nice of the gods, to put the description of this place right there in the house name like that. It saves people the trouble of having to figure it out all on their own. "Hello, welcome to Asgard! You're in Hell House, which means on top of the annoyance and misery of Asgard in general, you're going to have to deal with an absentee patron goddess who ignores you and can't give a straight answer to save her life. Have fun!!!!!!!!"

They should put that on the brochures.

[Despite her words, Vriska doesn't actually mind Asgard-- or her house-- all that much. In fact, she has to admit she thinks they're both pretty cool, and quite possibly better than this bullshit game she was being dragged into back home. But the loss of her powers and her sylladex and being stuck at shitty, useless power level 1 with body control is just not on, and she's currently focusing on the negative far more than the positive. And when she gets herself worked up, the negative tends to take over completely, and make the positive disappear.

it's a Vriska thing.]

But I shouldn't be surprised. I don't know if you know this about me, Asgard, but I don't always have the best luck in the world. This is just another example of the universe shitting on me every chance it gets! Being yanked off my planet and drop-kicked onto another one just wasn't enough to break the jinx that's got its hold on me, I guess.

God. It's enough to drive a girl insane.

Log Sample;
A log from another game!

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