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CR chart for [community profile] adstringendum


- loves
- considers a friend
- likes
- dislikes
- hates

- goes to for advice
- is curious about
- admires
- likes talking to and/or spending time with
- likes to tease and/or make fun of and/or mess with
- feels protective of
- annoyed by
- wary and/or scared of
- wants to hurt emotionally and/or physically in a minor way
- wants to hurt emotionally and/or physically in a major way
- wants to kill

- flushed feelings
- pale feelings
- ashen feelings
- caliginous feelings

Troll social relationships are complicated, even outside of the four romantic quadrants. In their ancient language, the words for "friend" and "enemy" are one and the same, and negative relationships are typically considered just as desirable as positive ones. The term "hatefriends" is thrown around by the characters, and it's heavily implied that-- again, even outside of the quadrants-- trolls don't necessarily have to like someone to want to be around them.


"quote quote quote."

dracule mihawk.

"quote quote quote."

katie mccoy.

"quote quote quote."

micoh cobal.

"quote quote quote."

sam winchester.

"quote quote quote."

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