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This post also serves as a contact/plotting/spam/whatever post, so feel free to use it whenever you want.
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Someday maybe there will be a snazzy IC message here.
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Vriska is a port-over from [community profile] adstringendum, where she spent a little over a year. This means that it's very possible she'll run into different versions of characters that she used to know! However, I want to be very controlled with this, and don't want to do anything that might make other players feel uncomfortable: this includes, among other things, having her express knowledge of things relating to your character or their world, having her talk about CR with past versions of your character or their canonmates, and so on. If you plan on interacting with Vriska, it'd be really great if you could fill out the following form for each of your characters (one per comment is optimal, so that I can screen the comments of dropped characters to keep things neat and organized):

If you don't fill this out but you comment to one of my posts/I want to comment to one of your posts, I'll either contact you personally about it, or assume that you don't want anything to do with CR AU shenanigans. I will never spring any of this on players without being sure that they're okay with it.