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Name: Iddy
Are you over 16?: yes
Personal DW: [personal profile] corknut
Email: ZieglerFan719@gmail.com
Timezone: UTC-5/EST
Other contact: Ihdreniel @ plurk
Characters already in the game: n/a
How did you find us?: word of mouth/I think you guys probably know by now that you're one of the big-name games in journal RP :P


Character name: Vriska Serket
Fandom: MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck
Timeline: after coming on to Tavros in the Land of Maps and Treasure, but before Aradia kills her plus fourteen or so months at [community profile] adstringendum
Age: ~6 1/2 Alternian solar sweeps/~14 Earth years

~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths:
Like many trolls on the higher end of the blood color hemospectrum, Vriska is psychic. If someone has a weak or otherwise easily-controlled mind, she can worm her way in and get them to do her bidding. (However, canon does show that this doesn't work on humans-- so far, she can only put them to sleep.) Apparently, she can also read minds, though this ability is never demonstrated and is really only mentioned in a couple of throwaway lines. Based on her mind-controlling powers, though, it's probably safe to say that it only works on weak-minded non-humans. At this point, these are all the innate powers that she has (any others that she has in canon are either incompatible with her canonpoint, or were taken away by her previous game's setting). Trolls in general are also shown to be physically stronger and a lot more durable than the average human, though the extent to which they are isn't really revealed.

How would they use their abilities?: Unfortunately, Vriska has a history of using her mental powers for some pretty awful things. She's not going to try to take over the ship or cause mass murder and mayhem with them, but it's possible that she might attempt to make other trolls do bad things to themselves or others (though I should note that she got out of the habit of using them in Adstring, so she wouldn't necessarily be quite as mind control-happy in MH). Of course, I wouldn't have her use powers of any sort against other characters without obtaining the full permission of everyone else involved.

She looks to be about thirteen years old (even after a year in Adstring; the setting there stops aging) and is mostly humanoid, with some major differences: light gray skin, two yellow-orange horns (one shaped like a claw, the other shaped like a stinger), naturally black lips, and yellow fingernails and sclerae are the most noticeable ones. She has a huge mane of of messy black hair, she wears glasses (with an eyepatch replacing the left frame, since her left eye is gone and there's just an empty socket there), and her left arm is a fully-functional metal prosthetic. She typically dresses extremely casually, bordering on raggedy-- her main canon outfit for her timepoint, for example, is a pair of blue jeans, a t-shirt, and a light jacket with one sleeve ripped off just below the shoulder. She likes to wear a ridiculous amount of blue eye makeup, along with blue lipstick and occasionally blue fingernail polish, but that was a little hard to come by in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Since it's mid-autumn in Adstring and the weather is starting to get cooler, she'll come dressed for that if she's accepted: a sweater (belonging to one of her Adstring housemates), a hat with horn-holes, heavier pants, etc.

Vriska is a young troll originally from a planet called Alternia. Like all trolls, her life was extremely challenging from the very beginning-- something that actually does a lot to explain the more odious parts of her personality. All troll children start out as insect-like pupae, born from the combined genetic material of all available adults. (Though in Vriska's case, she was actually created via ectobiology by a future version of one of her friends, and sent crashing into the brooding caverns on a meteor. It's a little complicated, and not really all that important in regards to her current canonpoint.) After growing limbs, they must undergo a series of extremely dangerous and difficult trials that are meant to test whether or not they are worthy and capable of surviving in Alternia's harsh culture and landscape. Vriska was one of the ones that passed-- and she is screwed up. So, so screwed up. In fact, in a group of teenagers from a crapsack world that seems to thrive on fundamentally screwing kids up for life, she's one of the worst. Her Freudian excuse is pretty obvious: she was raised from a very young age to lead her fellow troll children to their deaths, so as to feed her caretaker (called a "lusus" by trolls-- hers happened to be a gigantic spider) and avoid dying in some way herself. Even before that, she was reading a journal (and hero-worshipping its writer) filled with murder and rape, and she believed that this was something she needed to emulate in order to be strong. She routinely hurts and kills those that she calls friends. And the society that she comes from tells her that this is all not only perfectly okay, but also correct and desirable.

More on that journal, because it's pretty important: when she was nearing the age where she would have to start feeding her fellow kids to her lusus, Vriska found something that would eventually become extremely important to her: an ancient account of the life of a ruthless, fearsome pirate marquise named Spinneret Mindfang. According to Alternian legend, everyone had one ancestor with which they shared more genetic material than anyone else. Because Mindfang shared both Vriska's blood color and her unique class sign, she became convinced that she was the Marquise's descendent, and that she was meant to follow in her footsteps. The journal became her bible of sorts, and she began relentlessly emulating as much of Mindfang's life as she could (up to and including trying to recreate her relationships). She eventually started playing FLARP, an "extreme live-action roleplay" game that could-- and often did-- result in the deaths of its participants. Vriska adopted Mindfang's persona during these games, even going so far as to use her name as her roleplaying handle. She was an extremely enthusiastic and dedicated player-- both because she found it incredibly fun, and because the amount of dead trolls that resulted allowed her to keep her lusus well fed. This was easily the happiest period of her pre-Adstring life, relatively speaking.

Unfortunately, it didn't take long for it to all go bad. When she was probably about four or five sweeps old (somewhere between nine and eleven human years), she got involved in a little incident with Tavros, a fellow gamer. Namely, she was angry at him for choosing to surrender instead of fighting an enemy that he knew was too powerful to beat, and so she used her mind-control powers to force him to jump off a cliff. In retaliation, his teammate Aradia used her psychic powers to summon up the ghosts of all those that Vriska had killed, sending them to torment her. This badly scared and upset her, and, with some encouraging from a mysterious internet stranger who would become very important later on (but isn't all that important yet), she mind-controlled Sollux, yet another troll, into blowing up Aradia's home, killing her. As revenge for that, Terezi-- Vriska's primary FLARPing partner, who she had previously been close with-- contacted the aforementioned mysterious guy and informed him that Vriska had his magic cue ball, which she used as a sort of Magic 8-Ball to help with her gaming strategy (whenever it was asked a question, it always told the truth). In anger, Mysterious Guy blows the cue ball up in her face, causing her to lose both an eye and an arm. Vriska then mind-controls Tavros (who can mind-control animals) into having Terezi's lusus psychically tell her to sleepwalk outside, look up at the blinding Alternian sun, and open her eyes.

As you can see, Vriska kind of does a lot of stuff that ends up pissing people off. This is probably a good time to note that she comes up with an excuse for anything and everything, mostly in order to take blame off of herself. She relentlessly bullies Tavros (a sweet, shy boy who-- usually-- wouldn't hurt a fly) for ages, then later says that she was just trying to make him strong so that he wouldn't be executed for being useless. After she uses her powers to hurdle him off a cliff, she brushes it off as punishment for and frustration about his continued "weakness". Killing Aradia and blinding Terezi? She was locked in a revenge cycle that they started, and not retaliating would have counted as losing. Helping to create the series' main antagonist? Fate said he was going to be created anyway, and she wanted to have a hand in it so that it would be all the more impressive when she defeated him. Knowingly sending a clueless human boy to his death? It was for his own good because she knew he would come back to life stronger than ever, and telling him he would die ahead of time would have just caused him needless fear. And so on, and so forth. There's nothing that she doesn't have a justification ready for, and none of them don't involve attempts to get her off the hook for any number of terrible misdeeds. The thing is, a lot of the time, she's not just bullshitting-- she truly believes these justifications, and doesn't understand why barely anyone wants anything to do with her. She generally figures that other people just don't get it, or that it has to do with all the "bad luck" she's had since she lost her eye and arm (bad luck is yet another thing that she blames a lot of her problems on). She tends to go back and forth between appearing to have high self-esteem and low self-esteem-- she has a strong tendency towards extreme bravado that she definitely seems to believe to an extent, but she insults and beats herself up on occasion, too.

Back to her history: after that big Vriska-Terezi-Tavros-Aradia-Sollux mess, the revenge insanity stopped there for a while. Vriska's neighbor, Equius, built her a metal prosthetic to replace her missing arm, and her empty eyesocket was (thankfully) covered by a cool pirate-y eyepatch. She found a new FLARPing partner in Eridan, a genocidal sea-dweller. Things went on like this for another sweep or two. It was about at this point that the main plot of the canon started up (though I've taken her from fairly early on). A group of twelve troll kids-- Vriska and her FLARPing buddies included-- began playing a game called SGRUB that allowed them to directly control each others' environments in a very Sim-like fashion. Due to the influences of the game and the then-unknown figures controlling it, all their lusii began to die one after the other. (Vriska's was only severely wounded instead of outright killed, so she chopped off her head to put her out of her misery.) Meteors began raining down on Alternia, and the players escaped to the Medium, a game construct created to house those who had gained enough levels to get that far. Each one got their own little planet related to their history and personality-- Vriska's was called the Land of Map and Treasure, and it was distinctly pirate-themed. She fooled around there for a while, gaining more levels. Unluckily for Tavros, he was her client player, which meant that he was the one whose environment she got to manipulate-- which, of course, she used as an excuse to bully him some more. After bringing him into the Medium after her, she sent him straight to her planet, where she proceeded to... kiss him. Yes, really. Apparently all that harassment and and torture was just her way of saying that she really, really liked him. Needless to say, Tavros didn't return her feelings because he was basically terrified of her, but it doesn't seem to take long for them to get over the awkwardness of her come-on. They spent a bit of time together on Vriska's world, adventuring and treasure-hunting and generally being almost-sort-of-friends, maybe. This is the point from which I pulled her into Adstring.

Basically, what Vriska wants most in the world is to be a gigantic Mary Sue. She wants it all: all the power, all the gaming levels, all the skill, all the relationships. She likes to think she's much more cool, suave, and manipulative than she actually is (really, she's dorky, socially awkward, and not very good at hiding her emotions), and she envies people who can use and trick others without the liberal use of mind control. She openly tries to shape her entire life around the experiences of her ancestor-- the writer of that aforementioned journal-- who was a true Alternian troll in every sense of the word (that is, she was a rampant murderer with no regrets or misgivings). Really, though, she's just kidding herself-- she may be capable of horrible things, but her heart isn't always in it: we do see in canon that she can and does feel regret, such as when she feels terrible for killing Tavros later on in the series. This is something that actually causes her quite a bit of insecurity at times; she won't admit it easily, but she worries that she isn't a good enough troll largely because she doesn't cause enough destruction and mayhem. This is part of the reason that she goes so overboard at times (later, she acknowledges that she was "trying too hard"). It clashes quite a bit with her desire to be a strong perfect badass troll, and probably what causes her more internal conflict than anything else. Still, while Vriska might not be as hard and uncaring as she sometimes wants to be, she's definitely not an overall nice person, even deep down. She's capable of genuine niceness (she tried to make amends with Aradia by collaborating with Equius to give her a robot body, for example, and she makes Tavros a rocket car so he wouldn't have to use his wheelchair all the time-- though it shouldn't be forgotten that both of those gifts were needed in the first place because of her actions), but she also sees no problems with showing someone she cares by abusing or teasing them.

As far as her Adstringendum history goes, probably her biggest change is that she doesn't really do very many bad things anymore. This is partly because of the new setting-- though her choices were her own, it can't be denied that they were spurred on by her environment and upbringing-- and because of the large amount of positive influences that she accumulated very quickly. However, looking deeper into her psyche will show that she's far from having made a complete turn-around. In fact, her underlying personality hasn't really changed much at all, beyond developing a little bit more maturity (and I mean only a little bit; kid's still immature as all hell at times), and slightly-more-than-a-little-bit more self-awareness. She doesn't kill regularly anymore, and she doesn't really plan to in the future, but it was a large part of her life for a very long time and she's still very flippant about it in general. She feels bad for hurting her friends, but she still has a million and one excuses for why none of it was really her fault (though a couple of times someone has pushed enough to make her claim some blame). She's relieved that she doesn't have to worry about feeding her lusus anymore, but ask her about why she's glad, and you'll get an answer about how stressful it was for her, with maybe an afterthought about "oh yeah, and now nobody else has to die by my hand, I guess". She's still quite selfish and self-centered, and that caveat about how she's arguably not a bad person but still definitely not a nice person holds true.

Another change is her renunciation of her home world, and desire to move to Earth with her closest Adstring CRmate, Hanna Falk Cross of Hanna is Not a Boy's Name fame (much of this has to do with warnings from castmates about all the horrible things that happen to everyone back in their world). This is actually similar to something that happens in canon: way past her current canonpoint, she tells John Egbert-- a human that she'd been making friends with (and eventually crushing on)-- that she likes how low-pressure human society seems to her, and expresses interest in "living like a human". However, in canon, she wants to do this by winning the multidimensional, world-changing video game that they're all playing; in Adstring, she wants to do it by completely abandoning said game and taking off through the universe to find Earth.

Needless to say, she'd be thrilled to find herself on a spaceship.

One more minor note is that she's gotten a lot more used to using human vocabulary and terms, particularly around non-trolls. What a troll calls a "hive" she's gotten used to calling a "house", what a troll calls a "block" she's gotten used to calling a "room", and so on. She also often uses an Earth-based calendar system, mostly because attempting to follow the Alternian calendar is difficult when you're on a ruined planet without access to one. When asked her age, for example, she's gotten used to saying fourteen instead of six and a half, and she knows how to talk about time not only in perigees and solar sweeps, but in months and years. Basically, she's far from completely acclimated (especially when it comes to more complicated cultural stuff), but she still knows a lot about humans and human things.

Why should that character be in this game: n/a

Why do you want to continue their history here: I love CR AUs-- both playing them, and playing with them. It's one of my favorite trends to come out of LJ/DWRP. I also love playing Vriska, I like the development she's gotten in Adstring, and I'd like to see how that would play out in a new setting. One of the reasons that she's fun to play is that she's such a live wire, and there are a lot of different directions a player can take with her depending on setting/canon point/etc.-- with the right motivation, she can just as easily work for the villains as for the heroes. She has a definite niche in Adstring that came about mostly because several very good influences glommed onto her right away, and it'd be interesting to see how a new game and new CR would change that. The idea of a spaceship-based game for her has appealed to me for a long time, because at this point in her previous-game history, flying through the cosmos and hopping from planet to planet is exactly where she wants to be. That would alleviate much of the eventual slump I've felt with jamjar games, where I start having trouble coming up with IC reasons for my character(s) to relax and do things besides work tirelessly towards getting home.

Aaaand one more quick thing to mention: I always get a little nervous playing CR AUs (especially in new games) because I know that the concept is far from universally well-liked-- and one of the major complaints seems to be that people worry about having previous-game CR stuff forced on them. I just want to make it clear that I have no intention of doing this! If I'm accepted I'm going to put up a permissions post with several options ("Are you okay with Vriska recognizing your character and talking about her previous history with the other version?"/"Are you okay with Vriska recognizing your character, but not with having her mention details of past CR with the other version?"/"Are you not okay with Vriska recognizing your character at all?"/etc. etc.), and overall I'll do my very best to be accommodating.

For applicants considering an alternate version of a character already in game, please use this as your chance to explain the key differences between your character and the one already in play: n/a

Have you read up on how the game works?: yes; the plug-in is called the FlamingFerret, and characters can earn money by working, stealing, or mooching.

1st person sample:

(Note: I'm doing this in plain text for ease of reading, and because if I'm accepted pretty much all my posts to the IC communities will be in audio, video, or action; I'll only use text with people who have given me the okay for it)

Guuuuuuuuys. The missions this month suck! School? Seriously? Fuck that. Anyone who signs up for the education-based missions is going to have to hand over their coolness points to me immediately.

Oh, you think I'm joking? Hahaha! Sorry, but nope! I'm keeping track of this, and anyone who goes into the school area loses 10,000 points. 5,000 if you walk near it, because uncoolness can be an airborne infection. I think by the end of the month, we're going to have a lot of terminally uncool people on this ship!

But where do you think the points I'm taking away go? They can't just disappear; they have to go somewhere. Or to somebody. So who gets them? Can you guess?

That's right. I get them. It's me.




3rd person sample:

Vriska Serket was certainly living the high life now.

Okay, fine, so she lived in a crappy little dorm room with three other people. That sort of sucked! What shitty luck she had, pulling the short straw like that. She was sure that if she had showed up before her accident, she would have been put in one of those awesome-looking penthouses. But alas, this was the era of unlucky Vriska, and she would just have to make do.

But seriously, compared to where she could be? This was awesome. She wasn't on a long-dead planet where every waking moment was spent worrying after a pain-in-the-ass spider. She wasn't being controlled by a too-powerful video game. She wasn't on some shitty meteor awaiting her impending doom. She was in space! On a ship! A ship that she was sure would eventually carry her to exactly where she wanted to go.

Granted, it wasn't all fun and games. Even Vriska Serket could get a little melancholy at times. There were things and people that she'd left behind; things and people that she may very well never see again. Even the person that she did think she'd see again-- Hanna, the one she was traversing the universe to find-- was a source of sadness, because she missed him.

But it was okay, because she knew that she was making progress. So she tried not to think about the sad things, and she certainly avoided talking about them-- what would be the point? Driving herself to depression? No thank you; that wasn't her.

Besides, anyone could see that the good overshadowed the bad by a mile in this situation. And that was because, for possibly the first time in her life, Vriska was on her way to exactly where she wanted to be.

Questions?: nope!
Did you put your characters name and fandom in the subject: I did indeed (well, I forgot and then edited it in, anyway)!