dicey: (the love I need to see me through)
Vriska Serket ([personal profile] dicey) wrote2013-06-06 10:41 am

info for the grabbag event (affected by the Ten Years Later event)

- roughly twenty-five years old
- light grey skin
- two yellow-orange horns (one shaped like a claw, the other shaped like a stinger)
- naturally black lips
- dark blue sclerae
- lots of messy black hair
- glasses, with an eyepatch replacing the left frame (not the same pair that she had at age thirteen, however)
- left arm is a metal prosthetic (again, not the same one she had at thirteen; as her body grew, she found people willing and able to make her new ones; it's not nearly as functional as her old one, though)
- ratty clothes
- wears blue lipstick and occasionally blue fingernail polish; for the most part, she's given up the huge amounts of mascara

In an effort to not godmode other characters' futures (even event-y, potential futures!), everyone currently in Adstring will, from Vriska's POV, have been long gone from the city.

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