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Vriska Serket ([personal profile] dicey) wrote2012-04-14 05:25 pm

info for the Ten Years Later event

-roughly twenty-three years old
- two yellow-orange horns (one shaped like a claw, the other shaped like a stinger)
- naturally black lips
- dark blue sclerae
- lots of messy black hair
- glasses, with an eyepatch replacing the left frame (not the same pair that she had at age thirteen, however)
- left arm is a metal prosthetic (again, not the same one she had at thirteen; as her body grew, she found people willing and able to make her new ones)
- ratty clothes (for example, she often wears an overshirt with one of the sleeves ripped off)
- wears blue lipstick and occasionally blue fingernail polish; for the most part, she's given up the huge amounts of mascara

- less immature and irritating
- somewhat less reckless
- still has a typical troll mindset/moral set in some ways, but it's been tempered due to non-troll influences
- still not really a nice person overall
- more sarcastic/snarky/deadpan (which might cancel out the "less irritating" bt for characters that wouldn't put up with that)
- more secure in herself; less overcompensating confidence and bravado
- doesn't obsessively try to make herself like Mindfang anymore, but she still thinks she's cool peeps (a.k.a., she's not interested in emulating her because she recognizes how different their situations are and knows being Mindfang just wouldn't work in Adstring, but there was no complete 180 "I've decided that the things Mindfang did were awful and wrong", either)
- sometimes struggles with the violent urges of an adult troll, but the people close to her have generally been able to help her channel them in positive ways
- still doesn't want to go back to her own world; if everyone was able to leave, she'd probably go wherever Hanna went

- friends with Axel/Lea
- friends with Junior; knows some of the secrets about his past
- presumably gets over her crush on Larxene at some point because I can't imagine that shit lasting ten years
- becomes heterosexual life partners very close with Hanna; probably still has moirail feelings for him; out of all her relationships she loves him best 8]
- never reconciles with Kanaya and ends up in a kismesis relationship with her

- stopped using her typing quirk sometime in Year 5