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Vriska Serket ([personal profile] dicey) wrote2012-09-30 01:28 pm

character info for [community profile] gargleblasted!

-roughly fourteen years old
- light gray skin
- two yellow-orange horns (one shaped like a claw, the other shaped like a stinger)
- naturally black lips
- yellow sclerae
- lots of messy black hair
- glasses, with an eyepatch replacing the left frame
- left arm is a metal prosthetic
- ratty clothes
- wears a ridiculous amount of blue eye makeup, along with blue lipstick and occasionally blue fingernail polish

Shapeshift: Ask first, but probably yes.
Bodyswap: Ask first, but probably yes.
Maim/murder/death: Ask first, but probably yes.
Kissing: OOCly you have my permission, but nothing romantic with characters over 18, please.
Hugging: OOCly you have my permission.
Badtouch: She's a couple years older than she was in canon by now, so this isn't a hard and fast "no" anymore-- but it's something I'd want to either discuss ahead of time or have some clear IC lead-up to (no badtouches that come out of nowhere and are a total surprise to me OOCly, please!). Nothing explicit unless it's under a lock, and nothing with characters over 17, or with players under 18.
Threadhopping: Sure, I'm completely fine with it as long as you don't hop into a locked conversation or log (unless your character would logically stumble upon the scene or you ask permission first).
Fourthwalling: Proooobably not, but I doubt this'll be an issue anyway.
Backdating: I'll continue any old conversation/log, no matter how long its been since the last comment (in other words, if you dropped a thread two months ago and now want to continue it, go ahead and I'll reply!). The same goes for replying to old entries-- though obviously, I'll backdate any responses. The only exception to this would be if you replied to an entry from before your character was in the game. In that case I'd probably delete the comment because it wouldn't be following continuity. D:

September 2012: n/a
October 2012: Popcorn Thief (minimum)
November 2012: Leftover Candy Eater (somewhat decent)
December 2012: Nova Coin Collector (minimum)
January 2013: Late Night Party-Goer (somewhat decent)
February 2013: Cellphone Game Tester (minimum)
March 2013: Maze Explorer (somewhat decent)
April 2013: Beta Sigma Bro fraternity chores (somewhat decent)
May 2013: Galactic Ga-ladiators team member (somewhat decent)

September 2012: Minimum Wage
October 2012: Minimum Wage
November 2012: Somewhat Decent Wage
December 2012: Somewhat Decent Wage
January 2013: Somewhat Decent Wage
February 2013: Somewhat Decent Wage
March 2013: Somewhat Decent Wage
April 2013: Somewhat Decent Wage
May 2013: College Degree Wage

September 2012: Stowaways
October 2012: Stowaways
November 2012: Deckswabbers
December 2012: The Condos/The Suites (bumming)
January 2013: The Condos/The Suites (bumming)
February 2013: The Condos/The Suites (bumming)
March 2013: The Condos/The Suites (bumming)
April 2013: The Condos/The Suites (bumming)
May 2013: The Condos/The Suites (bumming)


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