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Vriska Serket ([personal profile] dicey) wrote2013-08-20 01:53 pm

info for the Knock Knock event

The space behind Vriska's door will be simple: there will be a multitude of video screens, all playing various scenes from her life (mostly from back on her home planet, Alternia). While in the past she's been a lot more "I don't care who knows about me and I don't care what you think" (even if some of that was at least partly an act), she's been more insecure about certain things lately, and this will reflect that!


Select video clips will include (unless stated otherwise, all people mentioned will be trolls):

SCREEN 1: A very young Vriska (~4 years old) watching wide-eyed-- partly horrified, partly fascinated-- as an eight-foot spider devours a screaming, crying child.

SCREEN 2: A somewhat older Vriska (~8 years old) forcibly wrestling a terrified younger child to the ground, then tossing him into a pit containing that same spider, now about twice as big.

SCREEN 3: An even older Vriska (~11 years old) using mind control to force an entire line of kids to walk to their deaths right into that same pit. By this point, she looks pretty numb to it all. Clips of similar scenes also scroll across the screen, at an increasingly fast pace-- it's clear that this was a regular occurrence, and that an untold number of kids died like this at Vriska's hands.

SCREEN 4: This one is a conglamoration of a bunch of different clips, all showing Vriska at various ages (about eight years old to about thirteen). In each one, she's sitting in front of a computer, chatting with the same person (who, annoyingly enough, always writes with white text). Most of their conversations aren't readable from the viewer's point of view, but Vriska always seems to end them angry, upset, or defeated-looking. Their last conversation, however, is readable (and if you want your character to read it but don't actually want to have to read it yourself, let me know and I'll summarize for you).

Interestingly, this one ends with a clip that might seem like a bit out of place: Vriska sitting on a couch in Ta Phrom, Pitch Black standing nearby and pouring her a cup of tea.

SCREEN 5: Vriska using mind control again, this time to force a boy to jump off a cliff (a different one from the spider pit). Unlike the previous killing clips, she looks furious in this one.

SCREEN 6: Vriska huddling on the ground, sobbing as ghosts swirl around her, looming over and brushing against her, sometimes ducking down close enough to whisper in her ears.

SCREEN 7: Vriska doing that now-familiar mind-control trick again, making a boy eat something thick and goopy-- something that seems to drive him more insane the more he eats. He's next shown attacking the house of a girl-- one who initially seems happy to see him, but quickly becomes horrified when she realizes what he's doing. He destroys the house through energy blasts coming from his eyes, killing the girl and anyone else that may have been inside.

SCREEN 8: Vriska peering closely at a round, white orb about the size of an 8-ball toy. Suddenly her eyes widen, and a half-second later the ball explodes in her face, blowing off one of her arms and spraying blue blood everywhere.

SCREEN 9: Vriska mind-controlling (YES AGAIN it was kind of her thing) the boy from screen 5-- not into doing anything bad to himself, but into mind-controlling someone else. This someone else appears to be a girl, who walks outside on a bright, sunny day and looks up at the sun. Her eyes turn red, and start to sizzle and smoke.

SCREEN 10: This scene, with no audio.