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Please comment here letting me know if you don't mind Vriska's annoyingly-formatted text!!!!!!!! (for general ease I'll default to replying to people with voice/video posts if I don't know whether or not they're cool with the colored courier).

Please fill this out if you don't mind her text:

Original permissions post here.

In addition: Please contact me if you don't want to thread with her even without the quirk. Vriska is a character that annoys a lot of people from a canon that annoys a lot of people, and if you'd rather me not tag your posts with her, I'd really appreciate it if you let me know. I won't take it personally or hold any ill will towards you. I really, honestly have no interest in forcing threads/interaction with people who don't want it; it takes two to tango, and if it's not fun for you then it won't be fun for me either.
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Anon commenting is ON, and I'm not going to take your crit any less seriously if you decide to take advantage of this (or if you're just a lurker or something)- unless, of course, your purpose for remaining anonymous is to simply bash and offer no advice on how to improve. Concrit isn't trolling in my mind; "LOL GTFO U SUXX0R" is.