dicey: (my reputation's kinda clouded with dirt)
Name: Vrishchika (Vriska as a nickname), Goddess of Fear
Age: ~250 (appears eternally as a young teenager)
Backstory: She was formerly a mortal troll kid, and was made a fear goddess by Pitch. That's all I have so far, but I'm open to plotting with other people who are participating-- prior relationships, allegiances, feuds, etc. For characters who aren't participating, she'll remember her relationships with them as being essentially the same, but with the added "they're mortal and she's not" dynamic.
Personality: Basically the same as it is now, but amplified. Good influences have less of an effect on her because of the whole "goddess of fear and terror" thing, so she's even more of a vindictive, volatile wildcard than she was even in early canon. She's capable of compassion and love and positive things like that, but most people (i.e. mortals) just simply aren't worthy of it as far as she's concerned.
Hanna Falk Cross: PLATONIC LIFE PARTNERS FOR IMMORTALITY they're kind of diametrically opposed in most ways and probably have to do battle a lot but she doesn't care; she <3 him.

Pitch Black: He made her, so he's kind of her dad in a weird way. Except not, because a) former troll, so no concept of family; and b) IMMORTAL GODDESS HERE, YOUR PUNY MORTAL RELATIONSHIP CATEGORIES HAVE NO RELEVANCE TO HER MWAHAHAHA etc.

Other: Only people who are close to her are allowed to call her "Vriska", as far as she's concerned; it's a familiarity thing. She'll get pissy if anyone else does, because she'll see it as a show of disrespect.